The BilgeWatch 8 Bilge Pump Activity Monitor is an aid to Marine safety. The BW8 will monitor and record the activity for 1 to 8 bilge pumps
Bilge pump activity monitor  
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The BW8 simulator works just like the real thing, except that the simulator has been limited to work with only 4 pumps, to avoid cluttering your computer screen.

Get the best from the BW 8 Simulator by using it in conjunction with the user operating manual. This will allow you to become familiar with all of the set up procedures and operation of the BW 8, with on-screen graphics to illustrate the operations and functions. In addition, simulator clock Time can be speeded up.

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  Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98/98SE/ME/XP, 300MHz Processor, Screen 800x600, Sound Card.
Download Simulator (2.5MB), download then double click to run
The BW8 Bilge Pump Activity Monitor is an aid to Marine safety