The BilgeWatch 8 Bilge Pump Activity Monitor is an aid to Marine safety. The BW8 will monitor and record the activity for 1 to 8 bilge pumps
Bilge pump activity monitor  
Designing the BilgeWatch 8...

The instrument should have the scope to monitor the full bilge system on a boat with a single instrument, with facilities to record and display historical records of the pump activity of the entire system. A capacity for connecting 8 pumps should be sufficient for most boats. To allow for retrofitting to existing boats, the installation should be suitable for end user fitting. A microprocessor with an on board LCD display driver and extensive memory should be used to reduce the component count on the PCB.

The construction and build quality of the unit should be robust, to enable it to cope with the demands and stresses of the marine environment. Automated assembly of surface mount electronic components should be used to ensure consistent and repeatable reliability.

As this is a safety oriented instrument, it should be available to boat owners at an affordable price to enable it to be fitted to the smallest boats.
Target price: Less than £200.

Manufacturing costs should be kept to a minimum by the use of automated surface mount assembly techniques for the majority of the parts, giving the added benefit of increased reliability, which will reduce the need for servicing, further reducing costs. As this will not be a primary instrument, a sheltered location can be specified, negating the need for waterproofing to an IP rating, reducing manufacturing costs.

Cost savings should not be at the expense of reliability or function....”
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The BW8 Bilge Pump Activity Monitor is an aid to Marine safety