The BilgeWatch 8 Bilge Pump Activity Monitor is an aid to Marine safety. The BW8 will monitor and record the activity for 1 to 8 bilge pumps
Bilge pump activity monitor  
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The BILGEWATCH 8 is a Microprocessor based, Panel Mount Instrument that will Monitor and Record the Activity of up to EIGHT Bilge Pumps.
“Four out of five boats that sink, do so at their moorings!...”
Faulty seals, corrosion, cracked or broken fittings and perished hoses are often to blame. Increased bilge pump activity is a sure sign of a developing fault, but automatic bilge pumps can hide the problem, operating while the boat is unattended. By monitoring and recording the activity of all the boats bilge pumps, the BILGEWATCH 8 can provide advance warning of problems, before they become emergencies.
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The BW8 Bilge Pump Activity Monitor is an aid to Marine safety